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Are urine-diverting toilets small and compact?

There are different types of urine-diverting toilets and therefore also different sizes and ranges. The classic urine-diverting toilet, which works with a separating insert and without connections, is usually small and compact. As it does not need to be permanently installed and does not have an outlet for an exhaust hose or fan, it has compact dimensions that fit into any camper, bus or motorhome. A classic urine-diverting toilet is designed more for short-term use, as the urine canister cannot hold so many litres and the solid waste container needs to be emptied more often. Of course, there are also urine-diverting toilets that work without a connection but are still designed for longer periods of use. Our ATY Move, for example, has a larger container for solids and therefore a range of 11 to 20 uses. If you want a separating toilet for longer-term use that is permanently installed, you should opt for a composting toilet.

How much do small urine-diverting toilets cost?

The price of a urine-diverting toilet depends on several factors, which you should find out about before buying. You can also get tips from other urine-diverting toilet owners. It is important that the dry urine-diverting toilet has the right dimensions and is suitable for the intended use without any problems. You should also consider how long the range is and therefore how many litres fit into the urine canister and solids container. Smaller, simpler urine-diverting toilets with a range of up to 3 days are available from a price of around €160. However, it is important to note that you also need substrate and bags for the container. The price for this varies depending on the manufacturer. If you want a compact urine-diverting toilet with a little more comfort, our OGO Nomad S is ideal. This dry separation toilet also works with a bag system, but without an additional solids canister. The bag, which is compostable in the best case, is hung directly into the toilet and fastened with clips. The liquid container also has an acoustic sensor that signals when it needs to be emptied. There is an additional lid for emptying so that everything can be closed leak-proof. The price of this high-quality yet compact urine-diverting toilet is €269.

Mobile urine-diverting toilet - everywhere you go

The practical thing about the classic, compact urine-diverting toilets with a separating insert is that they do not need a fan or exhaust hose to function optimally. In addition, like all urine-diverting toilets, they do not require any water or chemicals for use. They have a liquid container for several litres of liquid and a solids container, are small and relatively simple and can therefore be easily carried in a camper or bus. This also makes them ideal for camping. If required, the dry separating toilet can be removed and is immediately ready for use. Classic urine-diverting toilets usually work with a bag system. This is inserted into the solid waste container and the litter is poured over the faeces by hand after use. There are many tips on which litter is best suited, one of our tips is coconut fibres. These are particularly suitable for covering the solids.

Separating toilet small vs large

Classic separating toilet Composting toilet
With bag Without bag
Portable Permanently installed
Short-term use Long-term use
Suitable for almost any litter Coconut fibres recommended
No solids flap With solids flap
Re-spreading by hand No need to re-spread
Small urine tank Large urine tank
Without power connection With power connection
Without agitator With agitator

Small urine-diverting toilets - ideal for compact campers

Small urine-diverting toilets are perfect for compact campers, buses or caravan trailers. Thanks to their low weight and space-saving size, they can be stowed away anywhere without any problems and retrieved when required. The toilet also works without water, chemicals or electricity, which is a further advantage. For proper use, you only need the litter and a bag for the solids container. This means you don't have to carry a lot of accessories with you and can save additional space. One of many tips is that the separating toilet can be used as an additional seat with the lid closed.

How light are small urine-diverting toilets?

The weight of urine-diverting toilets depends on the size and design of the toilet. A dry urine-diverting toilet can be made of different materials such as plastic, wood or aluminium. This material in turn has an influence on the weight. It also depends on how many days the camping toilet is designed for and how many litres the urine tank can hold. A camping toilet for 2-3 days weighs less than one for 11-20 days. A classic separating toilet made of plastic with compact dimensions weighs approx. 7 kilos without litter. Thanks to its low weight, it can be stowed and transported without any problems.

What sizes do urine-diverting toilets come in?

Many different factors play a role in the size of the urine-diverting toilet. One factor that plays a role in the size is the volume of the toilet. The larger the container for solids, the larger the dry separating toilet. Another factor to consider is the amount of space available and whether the dry separating toilet should be permanently installed. Once you have considered these factors, you can take a look at the dimensions of the toilet. Our smallest separating toilet with separating insert is the OGO Nomad S, which measures 33 x 39 x 31.5 cm. If you opt for a composting toilet, for example, which also works with a separating insert, you have a larger solids container and therefore a larger toilet. A composting toilet takes up more space as it is powered by electricity and also requires an exhaust hose and a fan. The OGO Origin is 41 x 38 x 46 cm in size. We are happy to give you tips on finding the right camping toilet.

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