Buy a separating toilet at a favourable price

Why are some urine-diverting toilets cheap?

Dry urine-diverting toilets or urine-diverting toilets are available in many different versions and designs. Which is why the price can vary greatly. One thing that all urine-diverting toilets have in common is that they have a separating insert and two containers for separating liquid and solid waste. In addition, all urine-diverting toilets do not require water or chemicals. The classic, compact separating toilet works with a bag that is placed in the solids container. After use, the litter must be added to the solids in the separating toilet by hand. As this is a simpler type of dry toilet, it is cheaper to purchase than a composting toilet.

Price comparison: How much do urine-diverting toilets cost?

The price of a urine-diverting toilet is just as varied as the different models that are already available on the market. Before purchasing a dry toilet, you should get an overview and follow the tips so that you can find the dry toilet that is perfectly suited to your desired use. A distinction can be made between a classic dry toilet with a separating insert and a higher-quality toilet, the composting toilet. The classic compact separating toilet takes up little space and is intended for short-term use. The toilet contains the container for urine and the solid waste container, which is usually lined with a bag. The litter required for proper use of the urine-diverting toilet is not in the bag and is sprinkled by hand after use. Depending on the item, you can start at a price of around €60. However, it should be borne in mind that this toilet is not suitable for longer stays in a motorhome and must be emptied regularly. If you are looking for a dry toilet for longer-term use, a composting toilet is the right choice. This higher-class separating toilet is slightly larger, therefore has a larger capacity and works without an extra bag. In addition, the litter does not have to be added to the faeces by hand as it is already in the solids container. This also contains an agitator which, when confirmed, mixes the substrate with the solids and thus prevents the formation of odours. As this camping toilet requires a connection for the exhaust air hose and electricity, it must be permanently installed in the motorhome or camper. The price for a higher-quality composting toilet starts from €1250.

How do urine-diverting toilets differ in terms of price/performance?

There are a large number of urine-diverting toilets that have different uses and are designed for different areas. The higher the quality of a urine-diverting toilet, the higher the price. The cheapest option is the dry toilet with a separating insert and bag system, the classic, compact separating toilet. This is a smaller toilet for short-term use. This urine-diverting toilet does not need to be permanently installed as it does not have a connection or built-in electronics. The accessories required are the bags and the substrate, which is added to the solids after use. A composting toilet, on the other hand, is more expensive, but also has a longer range and a built-in agitator that transports the substrate to the solids. This means that no manual spreading is necessary. The longer range is achieved by the larger urine canister and solids container. This variant of the dry toilet must be permanently installed in the camper, as it has a connection for the exhaust air hose and for the electricity that operates the fan and, in some models, the agitator. Only the substrate is required as an accessory, as no bag needs to be inserted into the solid fuel canister. One of our tips is coconut fibre. They have the property that they bind liquid, but can also release it again. They are also biodegradable and a natural product, which reflects the idea of a separating toilet without water and chemicals.

Buying separating toilets cheaply - the right way!

If you want to buy a separating toilet or composting toilet for your motorhome or for camping, you need to think about which model is most suitable beforehand. You should pay attention to the duration and use for which you need the toilet and follow helpful tips. A compact urine-diverting toilet with a bag system is suitable for shorter periods of use, for example over the weekend. This model is designed for 2-3 days of continuous use by 2 people. As with our OGO Nomad S, a bag must be inserted into the solids container before the toilet can be used. With our dry separation toilet, this can be easily attached to the inside of the toilet with clips. There are also helpful tips for this. If you care about the environment, you can use biodegradable bags. To use the urine-diverting toilet correctly, you will need extra litter as an accessory, which must be placed on top of the solids. If you are looking for a toilet for long-term use, a composting toilet is the best choice. This is designed for 6-8 weeks of continuous use. However, this toilet differs in price and is more expensive than conventional separating toilets. We will be happy to provide you with further tips to help you find the right urine-diverting toilet.

Ordering urine-diverting toilets - how our camping toilets are delivered to you

Before you order a separating toilet or composting toilet for your motorhome, you should find out about the various options and consider your personal requirements. We are also happy to give you tips on this. It is important that the camping toilet is suitable for the intended use and does not pose a problem in terms of space. Once you have decided in favour of a separating toilet, you can order it conveniently on our homepage or by telephone for delivery. Here you have the option of choosing between various payment options. We offer payment by PayPal, credit card, instant bank transfer, direct debit or prepayment. After receipt of your order, the item will be packed in our warehouse and dispatched to you by GLS. Shipping usually takes 1-3 working days in Germany. For orders over €400, we offer free delivery for our items throughout Germany. Otherwise we charge between €7.95 and €9.95 shipping costs depending on the weight of the parcel.

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